Technology and innovation change much faster than used to before. From automation to Artificial Intelligence, numerous hot areas change human lives all over the world. Business and management practices are disrupted in so many ways, as well as marketing, human resources, customer relations and supply chain. Because of all these changes and shifts technology generates, businesses that are not capable of adapting to the digital age are going to disappear.

Nowadays, with fast-paced improvements all over the world, it is really hard for businesses to keep track of technology and trends. That is why we formed a team to support your needs, provide consultancy and most importantly, help you execute.

Because of the dynamic and uncertain world, businesses might need professional support to enable growth and adaptation. Instead of looking for different consultants or agencies to support their needs, full stack teams are a much better option. This is where Webstation Technologies is introduced. From web development to convergence rate optimization, ad management to search engine optimization, branding to automation, we cover multiple areas to provide best business service in the hot digital world.

Digital Consultancy

One of the most common advice business owners receive from their fellow business partners and advisors is to take their business or brand digital. In order to do that they usually seek out a digital consultant to receive consultancy to do this process most effectively. Usually, the question that comes to mind is what does a digital consultant do, what is their role in this digital transformation journey whether it is digital marketing consultancy or a digitalization of processes and working methods.

Many people wonder what a Digital Consultant does, there is a good chance there are many people who claim they know what digital consultants do may also be wrong when it comes to implementation of what exactly they do. One of the other common questions is also whether you should hire a consultant or someone as an employee to manage this process..


A digital consultant or a digital consultancy company is a wearer of many hats, due to the nature of digital. The title itself covers all of the needs of a business regarding digital. The world is not going anywhere, we will certainly have our physical brick and mortar stores, office buildings, employees, tables and chairs however Digital will change the way we do things and digital consultancy companies guide businesses and brands through this process.

Once you turn your computer on or unlock your smartphone, you are now in the binary world of 1s and 0s. You are in the online world of Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, E-mail, YouTube and everything that can be accessed by touchscreen or mouse. That is the world of digital consultancy companies

Digital Consultants, play the role of generalist usually and work as jack of all digital trades and master of all of them, If not a master, very proficient in what they do. No one can do all of the tasks under digital consulting, but a digital consultancy company which combines the masters from all digital disciplines can create magic with your business with few touches. Each of them knows all areas very proficiently and together they create a Voltran where they can guide all your employees and brands in the most successful way.

Novel coronavirus was also a driven force of digitalization of businesses and brands. Companies who completed or already started their digitization processes already see the results and they are happy that they started early. Companies who didn’t start their digitalization were seriously hit by revenue drops and loss of market share.

What Makes Webstation Technologies Company Unique?


We have a team of experts who have years of experience on Software Development, Digital Marketing, E-Commerce, SEO and business development. We know the digital age challenges you face and we are more than happy to help

Customer Focus

Customers drive our success. We value every customer as our partner and work on finding the best solutions for your business. We approach all the brands as if they are our own. We strategically design and execute campaigns..


We are hard and smart workers, who enjoy challenges where opportunities and growth are hidden. Additional to optimal best practices, we test out new approaches to find innovative ways. This way, we make sure your brand is ahead of the market.